Sunday, February 10, 2008

We found a fort!

The Hub, Breeze, and I went for a drive today out to St. Helena Island. We wanted to see something we haven't seen before, so we headed out toward Land's End. It's so peaceful out there, and there are some beautiful houses and lots of farmland.

While we were out there, we went down a dirt road and found a FORT. We had no clue it was there. Turns out, it's called "Fort Fremont", a Spanish-American fort, and the county recently bought it with plans to clean it up and restore it. Check it out!

This is up on the second level.

And up on top.Off to the right in this picture, you get this view.

And if you follow the trail through the woods, down the embankment, you come to this.

Isn't that cool?! It was low tide, so the water was way out there. We walked along the beach for a bit, and of course I had to pick up some shells. I cannot set foot on a beach and not pick *something* up!

I had a flashlight in my purse, so we went all thru that fort. Some areas were pitch black in there, so when I'd snap a pic, I had no clue what was going to appear in my viewfinder. I hate that its been vandalized so much, so I hope Beaufort County works quickly to get her back to her original beauty.

Take off and go exploring sometime! Today proved that you just NEVER know what you may find. And all it cost us was some snacks and a little gas in the Jeep.


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