Monday, April 16, 2007

Okay, stop the damn merry-go-round!

I'm ready to get off for a while!

Being everything to everybody freakin' sucks! I AM NOT SUPERWOMAN!! There, I said it. I can't carry the weight of everyone's world on my shoulders.

We're a little over a month into this deployment now. That means for over a month now,---
*I've only received emails, a handful of phone calls and TWO pictures of my best friend. I miss him so much that it physically hurts.
*I've had to be mom and dad to the girls.
*I've tried to keep bridges from being burned, ties from being severed, and keep way too many stinkin' balls in the air.
*I received a "Surprise! I'm moving there and I need you to find me a job and a place to live. But I promise I'll have my own life and won't be up your butt every day."
*I'm supposed to be saving every penny I can, but I find myself self-medicating with retail therapy. That leads to guilt, which leads to feeling even lower. Can you see the pattern here? MUST break that cycle.
*I'm going to sell the 'Vette. Don't have a coronary. The Hub said I could.
*We've decided that we don't want to wait 2 years to move home. BUT since The Hub doesn't come home til school's started after the summer, guess what that means. Yeah. I get to do *this* side of the real estate thing on my own. I already did the seller part by myself (and I kick myself daily for selling that house.) So that leaves me to wonder where exactly along the road that my fucking brain fell out of my head.
*As if all this weren't enough, I'm trying to lose weight.

I'm exhausted, over-stimulated from information overload, hungry, and I get to catch a stray cat tomorrow and take it to the shelter. Little bastard won't stay out of the fan housing of my engine. I'm *NOT* cleaning up that mess if I forget to pop the hood and check before starting the engine.

Calgon, take me away! *please???*


Blogger nesa scraps said...

*hugs* i know it's not much and all i can do from afar, but you know i love you.

and am i taking it your mom is moving to that area?

*sigh* she's such a pretty vette, sad i never got to hear her purr. LOL

4/17/07, 5:25 AM  

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