Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wow, what a week it's been!

I went home to Beaufort Sunday on a mission. It was a complete media circus around the air station, but I was on the other side of town. Are you sitting down? Of course you are...who *stands* at their computer? Anyway, I went to look at a house, and made an offer. We're under contract!! Pending the appraisal and inspections, we'll be closing on June 1st.

We're paying about $30k less than any other semi-comparable places around there, and that means A LOT of work! Structurally, the house seems to be in great shape. It's just desperately in need of new flooring and updating. So on with the pics.

Here's the front view. There's practically no pitch to the roof, so it looks like a midget house. When we get ready to install central heat/air, that may have to be changed. It has window units and baseboard heaters that work really well.

The shed out back (which The Hub is *so* groovin' the idea of). That's my uber-cutie, sweetheart of a realtor in the pic.

The back patio, which will someday hopefully be glassed in to make a kick-ass Carolina room (that's a sunroom in every other part of the country).

And now for the "*gasp*, what the hell is Dee thinking??" parts. ;)

The kitchen is very small and WILL be one of the first things updated. Small I can deal with. The rest of it makes me cringe, but that can all be ripped out and redone.

Check out these insanely retro (but actually original) countertops! Don't know if you can tell, but that's that starburst whatever you call it design that was big in the 60's. Breeze says they look like spiders. Don't ya just LOVE that wallpaper there on that one wall? Yeah, can we say tile backsplash there?

This will be the office. Isn't that green carpet and awful paneling hideous?? OMG, that is SO going first!
Attached to this room is another room with that paneling and a concrete floor. The floor will be painted, and drywall will go up in place of that dark shit, and it will be transformed into my craft room. :::insert HUGE grin:::

PINK!!! At first this bathroom (well, both bathrooms) made me cringe and think, "Oh God, that HAS to go." But after further consideration, I really think I can work with it. The sinks will be replaced with ones that aren't hanging on the walls, but the tile is in really good shape. Those medicine cabinets will be history, though. *ick*
And because The Hub and I simply cannot pick a "normal" house, I'll show you some of the quirky things that made me either giggle or scratch my head in wonder.

There are tiny fences in random places around the back yard. We're talking 2ft tall fences. At first, I thought "dog run for a small dog", but there's a 4-5 inch gap *under* the fence.

There are also tiny gates that make NO sense at all. This one goes to the bird bath. Not so strange? Well, try this on for size. You can WALK AROUND the gate!!

Another tiny, non-sense gate is to this garden in the back. Notice that there's no FENCE around this garden, but there's a tiny little gate at the opposite end of it. Can you see it down there?
Oddity #3 (or 470,000 if you will) are these eyelets screwed into the concrete pad here. Yes, I understand that it's for the purpose of tying *something* down, but what is THAT shape that needs to be held down THAT strongly?? There are at least a dozen pair of those damn things!!

And because the old man loved gardening, there are TWO compost piles in the back corner.
So there you have it. Well, part of it. Am I crazy? Well, we've already established that a long time ago. But I really see the potential here and what this place can be. I guess time will tell, huh? Lowe's, Home Depot, the Habitat ReStore, and the discount building supply place up the road will ALL get to know me very well. They'll all probably giggle when they see me coming.


Blogger Sue said...

Congratulations, Dee!! We had ugly paneling like that in my den and instead of taking it down and doing sheetrock..we primed and painted it. It turned out great!! It looks like you all have your work cut out for you, girl!

4/27/07, 12:08 AM  

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