Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Another remodel!

The Hub and I have despised our bedroom ever since we bought this house. We've made all the other rooms take priority, but this weekend we had had enough. This pic is before, but the colors aren't true. The walls were "institution green" as I call it, gross brownish-yellowy doors, and the beige carpet was stained and gross.

I took down those disgusting curtains right off the bat, but we've been living with the rest of it. Right after The Hub came home from Iraq, he took out the baseboard heater, and I patched the hole from the wiring.

Saturday, we emptied out the room, ripped up the carpet and padding, took up the old lino floor underneath and started with the concrete slab. I cut out the old crumbly drywall where the baseboard heater had been and patched it up, along with some cracks and dings in the walls. Then it was time to paint! We went thru a couple of color choices (trying to use what we had), but we didn't like any of it. I wasn't sure how it would look, but I knew I wanted dark, chocolate brown walls with pale blue accents. I painted a strip up on the ceiling to give the room some more height and the illusion of a tray ceiling.

Still need to make new curtains. New lampshades are on the list to be replaced, too.

And touch up the closet doors. I saw something on one of those remodeling shows that I plan to do to the doors, also. The took a print (or fabric) and framed it out on the doors. I just have to find the right print or fabric, get some molding and cut it, and replace the door pulls. I'd love to find an old map-looking print with lat and long lines in the background, with sailing vessels and compasses for each. Finding 8 (top and bottom/4 doors) of something like that will be next to impossible, so I may try to do that myself, too. I may luck out at a fabric store sometime, though.

I just love that print above the closet. It's one of the inns here in town, and I fell in love with it the first time I ever saw it. The boat shelf is the perfect place for The Hub's wallet, keys, phone, etc. That's his mp3 reflecting the flash.

We had bound carpet that we had bought brand new when we lived in NC, and it was still in great shape, so we cut it down and installed it. It's kinda on the "dusty" denim side colorwise.

We also lowered our bed by 7 1/2". The experts say that a taller bed makes a room feel smaller, while a lower one opens up the room more. I agree! It feels so much bigger now!

I had been saving artwork all these months b/c I knew I wanted it on those walls. My dad painted the two you see in the pic above. The one in the mirror is a puzzle we had put together and sealed. There's also several other pieces on the other walls. That mirror is one I found by the curb with someone's garbage up in NC. Gorgeous old antique and in mint condition! All I did was clean it up a bit.

I plan to recover the headboard with the same fabric I use for curtains/roman shades, and they'll match the pale blue bedspread. The tan one's only there b/c it got chilly with the windows open last night.

Even though I'm still not totally done with it, my bedroom has become my absolute favorite room in the house.