Friday, October 16, 2009


The other day I noticed a spider web in front of one of my windows. When I went out to tear it down, I saw something that was so strange looking that I had to go grab my camera. How bizarre is this thing??

After watching it for a while, The Hub took care of it because we weren't sure what the heck this happy face, spikey little bastard was and whether it was poisonous or not.
I got online and googled images for "Happy face spider" and that freaked me out even more. Try it and look at the crazy damn creatures you get! Anyway, after several pages, I found out that it's called a crab spider.
Even though I know what it is now, I hope I never see another one. We have enough of a problem with Wolf spiders, brown widows, and other miscellaneous creepy crawlers spinning webs everywhere outside!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

The find of the century for me

I absolutely love antiques, and over the years I've acquired a few really nice pieces. One that I've wanted since I was 13 has eluded me all these years. When I'd actually find one, I couldn't afford it. That changed yesterday.

My friend Michelle (you can check out her work here at, Breeze and I had our semi-weekly goof-off day and went to a couple of antique/thrift/consignment stores here in town. I walked into one of the rooms of the first store and there it sat. I gasped, looked at the price tag, and thought, "Someday I'll have one." The owner then told us that the merchandise on the floor was 50% off, and my wheels started to turn. When I asked if it was 50% off the original or the marked down price, I'd already decided that I COULD afford it either way. She said it belonged to a friend of hers, so she was sure it would be off the original price. She then walked away, and I continued to look at other things in the room, feeling myself drawn to this beauty. The store owner came back in and said that she had called her friend, and the friend was willing to sell it for 50% off the marked down price. My jaw dropped, and I immediately pulled the tag and told her I'd be buying it and taking it with me. Check it out!

A Singer treadle sewing machine! WITH ALL THE ATTACHMENTS!

When I got home last night, I did some research, looked up the first digit of the serial number, and found out that it was manufactured between 1908-1909. Upon closer inspection, I found that the bobbin is still threaded, but the thread is so old that it breaks if I pull too hard.
I am so excited that I finally got my treadle machine!!