Monday, January 18, 2010

It made my day

One of my pet peeves is people taking up more than one parking spot.

The Hub and I spent the weekend in Florida, and on our way home yesterday we stopped at a rest area. As we pulled in, there was a pickup parked all kinds of stupid, taking up the 3 spots closest to the building. We parked in a nearby spot, and as we were getting out of the vehicle, a Florida Highway Patrol officer approached the moron's truck. He spoke loud enough that it was easy to hear his side of the conversation, which went like this...

"Sir, can you explain to me WHY you are parked this way? Do you have a good explanation for parking the way you did? You see these other vehicles and the way they're parked? Each of them are taking up ONE spot, and you're taking THREE. You need to move your vehicle and park the way you're supposed to. There's just no sense in parking like this. I'd hate to have to write you a ticket. Now, go on and park right."