Thursday, August 23, 2007

Downhill slope now

We're well on our way on the downhill side of this deployment. Thank God b/c this has been a rough one! Oh, and he has orders!! HOME!! He won't be moving home until June '08, but I'm not complaining. Between the time he gets back in country until then, he'll come home on long weekends, holidays, etc.

The house is coming along pretty well. I just came in from weeding flowerbeds again. My Dad gave me some plants when I went to MS a couple of weeks ago, and I *must* get them set out in the morning. I repotted some aloe vera plants he gave me, too. I'm hoping I don't kill them b/c I've never had a green thumb for anything but roses.

Breeze is settling in to her new school nicely. She's already making friends and learning her way around. She's adjusting much quicker here than she did in NC.

Kat has braces now. She got them Monday, so she's still a bit tender.

I'm giving teaching another shot. Beginning in September, I'll be teaching a beginner's stamping class twice a month at the LSS. Maybe it'll go better than the last classes I taught.

Been knitting some dishcloths, so I need to post those over on my craft blog. Maybe I'll get to that tomorrow.

That's about it from here.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Can today please be over?

*Griping and bitching ahead, but there is a good laugh in there*

Today has been a day of "kick Dee's ass and piss her off" for everything around here. It's hotter than hell for starters, and that has effectively kicked my ass, shortened my fuse, and given me a killer headache.

Started my day off by hauling off a load of weeds, dead plants, and crap out of the flowerbed. I dunno why people insist on pulling up right on your ass on a hill when you're in a stick shift, but thankfully I can start off without rolling backwards. The usual place's yard waste container was full, so it was closed. Had to drive across town with dead limbs scratching at the back window the whole way. After unloading and cleaning up after myself, I came home to shower. Sweat and mud just do not make me feel feminine.

Thought, ooh, before I shower, I need to mow the yard. Tried that, but a) it was too fucking hot, and b) my old faithful Husquie wasn't herself.

Decided maybe it needed a new sparkplug, so I needed to take the old one off. Couldn't get it out with the "regular" sparkplug socket and couldn't find the "other one". After throwing a few tools, I finally found the "other one" and got the old one out.

This is the point where I showered, although now it seems fairly pointless b/c I need another one.

So I went to get a new sparkplug. Decided to take the Jeep and ride with the top down. Nice ride, tunes blaring, wind in my hair kind of thing. Still sweated my ass off, but it was worth it.

Came home, installed new sparkplug, tried to start the mower, and NOTHING. Threw a few more tools (I'm really getting bad about that. Must reel the temper back in.) and sat down on the picnic table glaring at ole' Husquie. It took me a couple of minutes, and I felt like a real dufus. In my "I'm so proud of me cuz I'm fixing the mower without The Hub's help", I FORGOT TO PUT THE PLUG WIRE BACK ON. Talk about feeling like an idiot! Yes, go ahead and laugh. But I did get it fixed, and ole' Husquie's back to her old self. ::insert huge grin:: Sometimes the simplest things make me so happy.

Because I was still beat from the heat earlier, I went inside for a couple of hours to cool off and get in my compression pump (my ankle was damn near the size of my calf at this point). Must lie still for this whole ordeal and of course, the RLS was having NO part of that. So I suffered thru as long as I could stand it.

By this time, it's getting later in the day, and I decided to go out and put the top back on the Jeep. Sounds simple enough, huh? WRONG! I fought with that damn thing until I was drenched in sweat and shaking all over. The windshield clips will NOT latch. Hope it doesn't rain tonight b/c I had to walk away from that one. I went ahead and secured the rest of the top, but those damn clips can just flap in the breeze for all I care at this point.

So like I said, "Can today please be over now?"