Sunday, May 27, 2007

totally lacking in creativity and funny things to say

So, I borrowed this from Hunz, Nes, and Wendy.


The object is to fill in each category using the first letter of your name. This shit's hard!

Famous singer/band: Drowning Pool
4 letter word: dork
color: dark blue (how many colors start with "d", but not "dark"?)
street: Dogwood
gifts: diamonds!
vehicle: Dodge
things in a souvenier shop: destination guides
boy's name: David (not really, but I can't give away Breeze's WAY in the future son's name)
girls name: Dorian
movie title: Dark Water
drink: Dr. Pepper!
occupation: doctor
flower: daylily
celebrity: Diesel, Vin ;) But if I must go first name first, then Diane Keaton.
magazine: Dog Fancy
US city: Denver, CO
Pro sports team: Dodgers
Fruit: dates
reason for being late to work: damned traffic
something you throw away: diapers
things you shout: Dickwad!
cartoon character: Droopy

Saturday, May 19, 2007

These Teens

I had a yard sale today, so I was out front ALL morning and part of the afternoon. In our neighborhood, there are kids of all ages everywhere you look. The teen skater boy crew came thru showing off for Breeze and another neighborhood girl.

A few of them decided to come over and see if we had anything that might interest them (aside from my daughter, of course), and spotted a tiny little Elmo beanie. They debated over who got to buy Elmo, and once one of them became the proud owner, they bolted across the neighbor's yard yelling, "Dude! We got Elmo! Check it out!" I still laugh when I think about it.

And what is it with the boys and their hairstyles these days? Am I really *that* old? My mind screams, "That kid needs a haircut" at the sight of almost every one of them around here.

The girls in Breeze's circle really impress me. There's one that I'm not crazy about, but Breeze has put some distance between the two of them lately. The others, though, are very polite, sweet, funny girls who aren't afraid to speak to ME. I don't trust a kid who avoids all contact possible with their friends' parents. A couple of them showed up today while B had gone to get change for me, and they hung out and talked to me for a half hour. Another one has begun calling me "Mom". And none of these girls are the uber-girly cheerleader types, either. They aren't the giggly, squealing, silly carbon copies of each other whose world revolves around shopping and boys. Yeah, they're interested and most of them have boyfriends, but they haven't lost THEIR identity. I LOVE that about them.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So much going on

Where do I even begin?

Tragedy has struck very close to home again. A Marine was out at the beach with his family this weekend. Two boys got caught in the rip current, and this Marine swam out to save them. His teen daughter followed him out with a boogie board to help. The boys were saved, and the daughter was unharmed. The Marine, however, was lost to the current and drowned. That Marine is the father of one of Breeze's friends. It was her friend who swam out to help and was right there when her father died. The memorial service is in the morning. Please keep Katrina, her mom, and her brothers in your prayers.

This Nor'easter has been kicking some NC butt this week. The winds seem to be *finally* dying down, but not before I had to go on a hunting trip for our garbage cans this week. Driving the mom-mobile has been an experience. It's like driving a huge wind block, especially across the bridges. Breeze was nearly blown over several times as she walked to and from the bus stop. I told her that's what she gets for being a skinny mini. ;-)

The inspections and appraisals are all complete on the house, and we are GOLDEN! That allows me to breathe a huge sigh of relief, but then brings the jangled nerves screaming, "SO MUCH TO DO NOW!" I *must* get more packing done so I'm not jumping thru my ass at the last minute. I do not look forward to driving a 26' moving truck 370 miles. The thought of it brings on a panic attack, so that should be fun on moving day.

Tess is coming over tomorrow to hang out and craft again. I always have such a good time when she's here. Her creativity seems to rub off, and I actually get things accomplished. *giggle* I've learned so much from her.

The Hub is "out of pocket" for a while. I've learned to not ask many questions, b/c I figure he'll divulge what he can now and fill me in on the rest later. OPSEC During these times, I email him as usual, but one-sided convos get pretty difficult after a couple of days.

Um, there was something else. What was it? Oh yeah. Friday I get to be a chaperone for a high school art field trip. Lord, please help me. The bus will be leaving the school at 6:30am! Yuck! I'm *so* not functioning at that hour! We're going to an art museum in Raleigh, and it's very important that Breeze experience it. THAT is why I'm willing to get up at an unGodly hour, ride a school bus, and deal with a bunch of teenagers all day long. Wish me luck!

Oh, and I *so* scored at the thrift store today! I got a white antique chenille bedspread in MINT condition for $7! And this little chest for $15! It stands about 2 1/2 ft. tall.

So that's an update from here. Maddening, frustrating, stressful, lonely here.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Another plane down

Just a couple of weeks ago, we lost a Blue Angels pilot when his plane went down during the air show in Beaufort, SC.

This afternoon, a plane went down just outside Havelock. It was here to be a part of the static display for the air show here this weekend. Thankfully, noone was killed and no homes were damaged. The pilot is listed in critical condition, and the other 4 on board were treated and released.

Very sad.