Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas, y'all!! And "Will I ever learn?"

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and have been richly blessed and surrounded by those you love most. My thoughts are with those who serve our country in far away places and their families left behind. My prayers are with those who are less fortunate than I, and with those who aren't well. While I am very blessed and very fortunate, my heart breaks today for a dear friend of mine who's more like a sister to me than anything. She's had to spend the holiday in the hospital instead of at home with her husband and children. I send all of the strength and healing vibes I can muster to her. Love you, Hon. You're a strong woman and you'll beat this.

Now for the 2nd part of my post...

Yesterday, The Hub and I drove out to Harker's Island to have a look around. We stopped at the park so I could snap a pic of the Cape Lookout lighthouse. Since it was Christmas Eve, the ferry boats weren't running. So I snapped a couple of pics and then handed the camera to The Hub. Will I ever learn to not be completely goofy when he has a camera in hand? THIS is what happens...

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I got these new Skecher boots the other day, and I LOVE them! He says it looks like I'm wearing dead squirrels, so my oh-so-cool and comfy boots I love so much have been nicknamed the "Dead squirrels". So anyway, he took a normal pic of me first, and then I made that face and showed him my boots. *sigh* Chalk it up to another one of those pics.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas came early

Wow, a whole month since I've blogged? Time sure flies.

Yesterday, The Hub gave me my surprise Christmas gift early and COMPLETELY took me by surprise. I'll give you a little background. I've never been real big on diamonds and jewelry. The only diamond I've ever wanted was a princess cut diamond ring. Nothing big b/c that's just not me. Well, I always said, "Someday maybe I'll have one" b/c there are more important things than a rock on my finger, and I couldn't justify spending the money for it. Well, "someday" happened yesterday. Check it out! I've been grinning like a fool ever since. The best part of the whole thing that just melted me into a mushy blob was when The Hub said, "You deserve it."

His only stipulation was that I can't wear it when I'm cleaning fish (I never let him clean them), inking, and painting. Oh, and shrimping b/c it may get tangled in the cast net and end up in the ocean. *lol*

I LOVE my ring!! I have to take it and have it re-sized b/c it's a little big, but I'm wearing it anyway until then. That's my wedding band with it. It's the 3rd one b/c The Hub is ROUGH on his rings, and we always have matching ones. Some of you know the story of this set, but I'll tell it anyway for those who don't know.

Back in '02, The Hub was stationed in Okinawa, but had to go to the Philippines (that spelling looks weird) for a while. He had some down time while he was there, so he thought he'd do a little shopping. He bought a "chunk" of silver (what's the right word I'm looking for?), described what he wanted and sizes, and the jeweler MADE our rings while he waited. There are no others like them. He never mentioned them to me. When I picked him up at the airport when he came home, he handed me a little box and told me to open it. When I did, he said, "Will you marry me again?"

He always says he's "about as romantic as a stick", but when he decides to make a romantic gesture, he REALLY knows how to turn me to mush.